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  User experience - I can't find a<a href=""> bteetr</a> place to put this as the youtube feedback-and-suggestions forum/group doesn't take OpenID (interesting that, Google wants to be an OpenID provider, but doesn't want to take anyone else's OpenID credentials - gee - can you say conflict of interest/monopoly?).Anyways - may I ask why I'm being shown the "Your browser will be unsupported soon. Please upgrade" banner/message with EVERY freaking page I view? Is it really that hard to record the fact that I've hit the "x" to dismiss it and not show it to me again today/this-week/etc?I don't care. Everything's working right now. I betcha everything works fine even after you "unsupport" whatever combination of browser and privacy/security add-ons I'm using. Wasting my viewing experience and screen real estate, forcing me to see something 50 times today that I've already seen and dismissed, is not intelligent, nor is it a good user experience.  
  Malek schrieb am 20.12.2014 - 18:10 Uhr  
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  hammer geil  
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