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  Hi guys!The concert was amanizg! The only thing I have to complain about is the T-shirts! Who in Gods name designs this stuff? It is not functional and what about the Tank tops tops for the girls. Sorry Tim but most girls who love the southern voice do not have the 36 24 38 measurements. We want wide straps and preferably not your face on my nipple. I bought a tank top in the good faith I m going to loose 10 lbs before summer, but come on. Reach your market! I m more than busrting to give you advice in this department. You should be selling out in all shirts. You ar not the only one. Kieth Urban shirts were not desireable either. But for my last comment! I loved Lady Atebellum but she needs a wardrobe make over.. This is the 2nd time I've seen them and her outfits do nothing for her figure. She's got great curves and she trys to hide them.. Embrace them you will love it in the end.. Have fun in your interview tomorrow morning with Tim! He is an amanizg person and does good! He has touched my heart.. His lead gutarist gave me two picks last night before he sang a very heart felt song.. My girl friend has just lost her niece to cancer and heart failure at 21 months old. I cried my eyes out last night. Thank you for listening to me! Cheers!Enjoy your your interview with him tomorrow.Cheryl  
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