Speed Hamster
Der schnellste Hamster im Laufrad. Dieser kleine Hamster stellt einen neuen Rekord auf.
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  By :RE: RE: Duh, the stimulus <a href="http://dbfcezjq.com">worekd</a>. You guys are a few tools short of a full shed. Look at it this way- let's say I make $75,000 a year (year 1) as a janitor at city hall and I spend every penny of it. Then the budget crunch (recession) comes along and my hours get cut to 35 hour a week ($65,000/yr) from 40. It's my own personal recession! But lucky for me stupid banker china-guy comes along and lends me $25,000 dollars! So in year 2 my spendable income as a practical matter is $90,000!!! And what do I do? I spend it! Like Obama, I give all my friends treats like dinner out (bail-outs), free golf, and we all stay in the cabin I rent at the lake for two weeks. Spending is up! GDP is up! Many jobs at the restaurants and golf course have been added or saved because of my good stimulus fortune and stupid banker's lack of math skills. Yup, this stimulus is a success!Now what happens in year 3? China-guy won't lend me another $25 large because I really only make $65,000 a year as a janitor in city hall. Since I won't be going back to the golf course, cabin, or fancy restaurants those jobs that were added or saved are now gone again, perhaps for good. Because you see, now I have to make at least the interest payments on the $25,000 I borrowed, so my real spendable income has actually gone down. What???!! Yup, interest doesn't get me anything in terms of lifestyle, but it does make chinese-guy happy- until I stop paying. . . But that's another story. Is the light starting to go on for any of you stimulus nuts, or is this a lost cause?you really don't know how stimulus works. the stimulus <a href="http://dbfcezjq.com">worekd</a>. deal with it. the CBO study shows it. so does the moody's study put out by former mccain economic advisor mark zandi. Now what happens in year 3? China-guy won't lend me another $25 large because I really only make $65,000 a year as a janitor in city hall. beacause you spent the earlier money you don't need to borrow another 25k because you jump-started the economy. but your analogy doesn't really work because a person doesn't get the benefit of higher revenues like a government does.stimulus=higher revenue=lower debt.  
  Jhon schrieb am 20.12.2014 - 09:55 Uhr  
  Hi all,This is really great, I would like to try hatsemr on win!I've been trying to install it following the procedure proposed here, but without luck.I used the directoryC:\hatsemr-src\hatsemr-appletI renamed C:\hatsemr-src\hatsemr-applet\DNSAPI.DLL to DNSAPI_OLD.dlbut still gotTraceback (most recent call last): File hatsemr-win.py , line 35, in File gtk\__init__.pyc , line 30, in File gobject\__init__.pyc , line 26, in File glib\__init__.pyc , line 22, in File glib\_glib.pyc , line 12, in File glib\_glib.pyc , line 10, in __loadImportError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found.Of course I installe GTK+ runtime. I run on WIN 7, any clue or suggestion?Otherwise I'll have to try to build it, but I am afraid is going to take some time  
  NatuRe One Wir Komme schrieb am 31.01.2007 - 17:16 Uhr  
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