Super Nanny Michel aus Lönneberga
Super Nanny Michel aus Lönneberga
Einfach nur geil :D
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  15 other things wrong with the car NCN, $2,000 <a href="">soduns</a> about right for a new dealer transmission swap considering the labor on a FWD van, since they probably need to pull the engine.But there are other options. You could have the tranny rebuilt, for example, which (can be) much cheaper but you will have to find a good non-dealer mechanic for that. Dealers can swap parts but I don't think they can do much else.I agree with Changing is Living, your car is still young. You should only trade it if you really do want a new(er) car.Some items on your list transmission unit: what exactly is wrong with it? how is it behaving? can you tell something is wrong, or did they just tell you its dying? simple things, like being low on fluid, can make it skip shifts, etc.cooler lines: the tranny cooler lines? these will probably be replaced with the new tranny anyway. Heck they will probably be included with the new unit. If you just need new coolant hoses (which need to be replaced regularly if it hasn't been done on a 134k car, do it!) that's a great way to get started doing your own repairs and the guys at a parts store will be happy to help you figure it out. You literally just need a pair of pliers and 10 minutes, and it will save you a ton of money.struts: go to a suspension place and have them do it. if for no other reason than the dealer part is 2-3 times more expensive than the same aftermarket part.sway bar links: does the vehicle feel different on turns? do you have any clunking? the bushings could be bad, not untypical on a 135k car.instrument cluster: do any gauges on your car not work? this one has me scratching my head as it would be pretty obvious if your instrument cluster wasn't working.belt: this needs to be replaced according to regular service, so check the last time you did it you definitely want to get this done, but I don't know if I would want to pay dealer labor for such a simple job a lot of those oil change guys will replace this.tensioner, idler pulley: what did they say was wrong exactly? they might just need some grease (the tensioner is also a pulley and it basically keeps your drive belt right). do they just want to adjust the tensioner? that has to be done with a belt replacement anyway!coolant fan module: is the coolant fan not working? I think you would notice because you would be overheating at traffic lights. I recently replaced my module because my fan wasn't running! turn on your vehicle and watch to see if your fan kicks in after it warms up. if it does, and you're not overheating, I don't see why they want to replace this.“advise customer to trade“: Of course it does you trade it for a few pennies, they fix everything for next to nothing and sell it for a huge profit, plus sell you a car from their floor!Here's a couple of stories: My mother's door hinge was popping. When I visited her I noticed the pin holding the door strap to the hinge had slipped out. I popped it back in and all was well. Several months later it happened again (when I was not in town) what she NEEDED was either 2 small caps on both sides of the pin to hold it in place, or to replace it with a small nut&bolt about 50 cents and 5 minutes of labor either way. So she went to the dealer, a reputable one, and what did they say? She needed a whole new door and hinge. All parts and labor, welding, plus repaint would have cost $5k. She traded it in for a new car instead.About 4 months ago my fan went out (unrelated to my failed module) and thanks to a recall, I could get a new one for free but I had to let the dealer do the work. My car is in excellent condition (115k miles, 2000) and you guessed it they had about a dozen necessary repairs. Of course I personally inspected each thing they mentioned and they were full of it.For all we know you may not have maintained it and the thing is falling apart but just based on my experience, there probably isn't half of the things wrong with it that the dealer is telling you. More info is needed to give you any good suggestions.  
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  Picture that you just are touring in your car and also you exnrpieece a substantial velocity breaker inside the middle on the route you must cross. You really feel not comfortable since you might be aware your motor vehicle provides a lousy Suspension Parts . Nonetheless, when you had effective suspension parts installed, there was no have to have to worry about bumps or other identical hurdles. Suspension areas can assist you to cross hurdles around the highway effortlessly. Let's look at out different elements of a suspension technique. Regulate Arm: This is also called wishbone. The form of this suspension aspect is almost triangular. It resembles A', so at times it is usually referred to as the A-arm. On a person aspect, it is attached into a steering knuckle which has a ball joint, and to the other facet it can be affixed to an arm shaft with bushing. Bushing: A small but significant component during the suspension procedure. Bushing is generally produced of synthetic rubber to separate out its two metallic pieces. This artificial rubber helps both metallic parts to coordinate effortlessly. In addition, it aids the suspension components to maneuver freely when navigating a sizable bump, by way of example. You will find polyurethane bushes also offered in the sector which might be additional long-lasting. Ball Joint: A ball joint is really a spherical bearing. Typically, it is used to be part of the steering knuckles along with the manage arms. It's a very important piece involving the steering and suspension, and it truly is accountable for secure operation. The main difference involving these and also the standard ball joints is usually that lubricants usually are not essential for sealed ball joints simply because they are by now lubed, while typical ball joints have to have normal lubing else they could trigger eliminate command. Sway Bar: Sway bars also are identified as stabilizer bars. A sway bar is utilized in a auto suspension process to lower jerks prompted by irregular highway surfaces. Additionally, it can help the auto to keep a grip' about the highway making sure that the driver can steer the automobile properly, even although turning or within the circumstance of weak road surfaces. Idler Arms & Pitman Arms: Idler and pitman arms depend to the support of steering linkage. An idler arm is fitted to the opposite of pitman arm within the center link. It allows to hold the center link at a proper height by attaching one other end onto the auto frame. The Pitman arm assists to steer the wheel simply because just one of its ends is affixed to the vehicle's steering gear. The ones discussed here are only some on the auto suspension components. There are many more big and tiny areas within the suspension system. Adjusting sleeves, center links, drag links, strut mounts, sway bar links, tie rod ends, wheel hubs, and other equivalent parts are components of auto suspension. Without understanding these parts, you cannot fully understand your vehicle suspension technique.  
  geht euch nixs an ke schrieb am 07.01.2008 - 21:15 Uhr  
  lol wo kan man das
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